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I'm definitely more confident now of my own capacities and abilities; when I feel that I need to recharge myself with confidence, I have my secret handshake and remember our session (It was great! :)

Martiza - Syd, Aust

I have noticed my perception and attitude is different. 
I’ve been going to the beach, spending time with my baby nephew and having a few saunas, all during the week! 
I’ve been able to notice better when I need to stop ‘hustling’ and just do something small for me.

Storm, Melb Aust

Our coaching session inspired action within me to achieve my goal.

I can see my future self using my skills empowering others with their own health journey.

I would definitely recommend Penni to others because I believe you listened to what I had to say, spoke positively about my ideas and thoughts and also offered great ideas and insight into the topics we discussed.

Stephanie, Byron Bay NSW

I found my session with Penni really helped me to identify my barriers and the stage of change I was really sitting in. Techniques such as visualisation have come in very helpful to set my goals in the short and medium-term and my level of motivation has greatly increased as a result. I would recommend Penni to anyone who needs to talk through a change they are facing, planning, or even just thinking about…you will walk away with some clarity and like me, hopefully some answers

Phil - South Autralia



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